S.B. IMPIANTI srl has over 40 years’ experience in the field of poultry slaughtering.

Over the years, we’ve built on our experience and reinforced our skills by transferring them to machinery development, establishing technical partnerships with world-leading slaughterhouses. These collaborative projects have led to the creation of a range of machinery specifically designed for handling various types of animal, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and rabbits.

As well as supplying slaughterhouse machinery, S.B. IMPIANTI srl carries out in-depth studies, looking into problems such as hygiene, system economy, product conservation, and collection and storage of waste products from the production process. S.B. Impianti is also committed to ensuring safe working conditions for machine operators, in full compliance with CE regulations

Founded in Italy, over the years the company has found ways to expand and diversify its customer base, not only following in the footsteps of its competitors but also making new inroads into the markets it has taken on. Today, S.B. Impianti is active worldwide, affirming its place as industry leader in plucking machine systems.

This distinction has earned the company various prestigious certifications, and partnerships with many of the world’s major slaughterhouses.

As well as working alongside international partners on large slaughterhouse machinery projects, S.B. Impianti’s attention has not been distracted from smaller-scale slaughterhouse production processes, so it can also meet the high demand for medium-to-small machinery – simpler to manage and with a low level of automation – particularly from emerging markets.